Why is SEO Important? | Advantages & Disadvantages

In this article, we are going to learn why is SEO is important, its advantages and disadvantages. In order to realize why SEO is important.

First, we need to learn the pros and cons of search engine optimization. This will help you to understand the importance of SEO and whether it is the right digital marketing strategy for you or not. First, quickly, let’s take a look into all the major SEO advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of SEO:

Big Opportunity:

Google alone processes more than 40K searches per second. That’s almost 3.5 billion a day. This simply means that there are a lot of users who are using search engines daily. The demand also keeps on growing every day, which alone shows you the potential market reach through search engines.

Brings Quality Traffic:

Unlike other marketing techniques where you reach out to your users or customers. For example, showing advertisements to users on social media or printing leaflets for your business promotion. In search engines, users come to you in search of a solution or necessary information for their needs when they search on search engines. So, you are not going after the customers or users, but they are coming for your help. As a result, if you rank at the top position in search results, then users will find you and you can offer your solution or information to them.

Free Targeted Traffic:

In most digital and even local marketing methods, you will have to pay either to display or for every click you receive on your ad. For example, pay-per-click advertisement in search engines or monthly ad subscriptions for blogs.

But search engine organic traffic is a channel where you don’t have to be either for clicks or to even displayed. The traffic you receive is free and also targeted. Where they already have expressed interest in a solution or looking to find more info on a particular subject when they are searching for it.

Less Work Once Ranked:

After you rank on top positions for your targeted search queries or keywords, it will become easier for you to maintain those top positions. This is because a search engine ranks a website, a top position that is an indicator that shows that they trust the search engine has on that particular website or Web page. So, it will be easier for you to maintain your top-ranking positions compared to a new website that is looking to earn the top ranking for the first time.

More Opportunities Once Ranked:

When you rank high in the search engine, it is a sign that a search engine trust and your website as higher SEO power, then you can easily rank also for the low to medium competition-related keywords without official without a lot of effort or no SEO effort at all.

SEO is Trustable than PPC:

In search engine offered PPC as a way to advertise your website and pay for every click, you receive on the search results page for your targeted search queries. These ads are displayed typically on the top, bottom, or sidebar of the search results page. The optimization and management of PPC in search engines are also known as search engine marketing.

I will explain later more about it.

But due to this, you might just think if I can invest a lot in PPC and I can get all the organic traffic without any SEO effort at all. It’s not true all the time. There may be several reasons for this, but most of the time, it does not work like that. I will explain more in later articles, but human instincts try to avoid advertisements and also people use ad blockers.

So, it actually receives a lower click-through rate compared to the organic listing. So, with good a SEO, you can have more visibility and trustability for your website and search results.

Build Brand Awareness:

Being able to rank in the top position is like an additional trust metric that demonstrates that you are one of the leading players in your industry or in your target market. Most people know that search engines won’t rank any site until it’s trustworthy. So, when more people see your brand, it will create a lot of in-direct marketing benefits and provide additional benefits.

For example, others might link to your website from the article, considering you are an authority figure or potential stakeholders can reach out to you and more.

Growth is Trackable:

Most of the time it is all to make sure the growth and marketing strategies can be digital or local. But in SEO, it is one of the most straightforward strategies to measure your progress. There are many tools which you can use to track and monitor your SEO progress, such as SERP tracker to monitor your SEO positions on search engine analytics and search consoles are freely provided by the search engines itself to monitor your site SEO data, which is coming directly from search engine itself.

You can also use third parties tools which are free or paid software to track a lot more of your data, such as backlinks, keywords, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and a lot more. Overall SEO can be easily tracked and also very easy to monitor your SEO growth.

Disadvantages of an SEO:

Results are not Instant:

It is one of the most important, important factors you need to understand when you want to rank for one particular search a query that is already ranked by dozens or hundreds of competitors who could have been doing is SEO for a long time, or search engines trust their website for a long time.

So, you can’t just expect to start SEO today and get ranked by tomorrow or in a couple of days. It will take consistent SEO efforts and resources to get your desired ranking and maintaining it.

SEO Competition:

Many marketers are aware of SEO value and profits it can generate if it used effectively due to this is SEO competition is at an all-time high. And almost every SEO expert knows that ranking on the first page of search results isn’t going to be easy. It is increasingly difficult to rank, for keywords even if you are doing everything correctly in a shorter time. This means you will need to be patient and continue to work on SEO smartly.

For example, rather than targeting highly competitive keywords, you can target long-tail keywords, which means longer search queries within your target industry to reach your target audience much easier.

Search Penalty and Algorithm Updates:

These are actions or guidelines taken or set by search engines if you misuse or use bad SEO practices. The search engine can penalize you by removing your site from its index or push your site below to a lower ranking from your top positions. This shows how much care you need to be when taking any SEO decisions because it can either have a positive or negative effect. Most of the time these negative effects will be hard to recover. And I will give you more information on this when we talk about search penalties and algorithms in detail in the coming articles.

No Secret Technique:

SEO is not difficult when you know what you’re doing. However, keep in mind that SEO success will require hard work, creativity, time, money, and resources. It is especially true if you are in a competitive industry. Every website is doing an intensive SEO process.

80% of Users Never Go Past First Page:

You should always aim for the top three results in search engines because that is what the majority of searches go to. Search position #1 is the biggest listing, which you’ll get most the number of market user searches. The tail end of the search results page receives very little traffic and anything past the second page hardly get any traffic at all.

So, it is vital that you get the first page rankings to receive organic traffic. And if you can’t make it to the first page or first three positions, then it will not bring any organic traffic to your site.

My Experience:

Personally, for me, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and I have received thousands of visitors throughout my in-house project and as well as my client’s projects to prove this point. I have also attached a screenshot that shows the traffic which I received for one such project called SaaS Pirate, a deal platform where it shows the data directly from the search console. So, this is a piece of verified information, stats that I received over 76.5K visitors, free traffic from one year from Google alone.


SEO has many pros and cons, I only listed the most significant ones, which you should be aware of it. Depending on your situation & the factors I mentioned above, you can decide whether SEO is the right strategy for you. And if your answer is yes, then I will see you in the coming articles.

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