How To Do Email Marketing? | A Beginners Guide

The intrusion of social media advertising, chatbots, and other marketing strategies into marketers’ minds is already beginning to sow the seeds of doubt. Some of them believe that email marketing will soon be phased out. However, statistics tell a different tale. According to statistica, by 2023 the number of email subscribers will have increased from 3.9 billion to 4.3 billion, as opposed to from 3.2 billion in 2019 to 3.8 billion in 2020. So, let’s look at how you can use email marketing to expand your business.

It’s estimated that two-thirds of small and medium-sized companies use emails to interact with their consumers and clients. Despite having access to a plethora of applications, professionals continue to prefer emails. 

In business, guessing is a crime. However, these statistics demonstrate how effective creating a game-changing email marketing strategy may be for your company’s growth.

I’ll guide you through how to do effective email marketing in this post step by step. However, producing a converting landing page, video marketing, email copywriting, and other digital marketing talents are all required for perfect execution of email marketing.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have these abilities yet. You may still catch up with your competition in the business game. As you already know, where you learn from is still the most significant element in skill improvement.

Customers who stay with you for a long period of time will be more likely to purchase from you in the future. You can create customer loyalty, improve conversion rates, and increase sales by improving your online marketing skills. Email marketing is an effective approach to increase your entire client value. 

Let me clarify what I mean by email marketing. Email marketing, in a nutshell, is sending emails to people who have expressed interest in your business or products before they buy them.

What Is Email Marketing?

The term “email marketing” refers to various strategies for marketing via email platforms. Direct promotional emails, information nurturing emails, and welcome emails from businesses are all examples of effective email marketing.

So, you’ve learned what email marketing is and how it may help your business grow. Let’s go through how to do email marketing on your own one step at a time.

How To Do Email Marketing: A Beginners Guide

If you ever doubt the effectiveness of email marketing for company growth, consider these studies from DMA in 2019: every $1 invested on an email marketing campaign results in a 42$ return. You may not see immediate returns, but as long as your clients keep buying from you, email marketing is the greatest method to keep them coming back.

Follow these simple steps to create an effective email campaign that results in large conversions.

Define Your Audience

Your potential audience is the group of individuals who are most likely to be interested in your goods and services, and who actually need them. People don’t buy anything unless they have a purpose. Determine what purpose your product and services fulfill, as well as the persona of customers who want and are interested in them. 

Get The Email Addresses

Getting people’s email addresses is one of the first steps to creating an effective email marketing campaign. You can get them from your website or social media pages, online forms, other websites, etc. If you have a good product or service, it shouldn’t be hard for you to collect emails. The more high-quality email lists you have, the bigger your chance of success is.

Research Your Email List

Before sending any emails, make sure that your audience wants to receive them. Otherwise, you’ll just have wasted time and money on an ineffective email campaign. If you are able to segment your list based on the purpose of the product or service they’ve bought, you’ll have a better idea of what they want to receive in your emails.

Set Goal For Email Marketing Campaign

You won’t be able to accomplish anything if you don’t have a clear objective. Vague objectives seldom result in the results you desire because you’re not sure what end goal you’re aiming for.

So, think about what your campaign’s aim is before you start it. Do you want to inform your audience about your newest product or service, drive sales, develop positive relationships, or remind them of the abandoned cart? Make a decision. 

Build Your Email List

The most important element in email marketing is an email list. Right! If you already have a list of your customers, you may utilize it in email automation software. However, if you don’t have one, you’ll need to develop creative lead magnets.

Yes! An email list is a valuable resource for your company, and finding potential prospects’ email addresses requires a well-planned approach.

For this, you have the option of putting your money where your mouth is and giving something for free to your audience or providing them with a fantastic offer they can’t refuse. Yes! This is all done in order to entice potential clients that will assist your company in generating significant revenue in the future. You’re ready to learn how to create effective email marketing campaigns.

Developing an email list is vital for the success of your email marketing campaign. When you send your email campaigns to your existing audience, always remember to give them something for free or provide them with a compelling offer they can’t refuse. It’s done in order to entice prospective clients that will help you achieve significant revenues in the future.

Write An Engaging Email Copy

Keep your email marketing goal in mind, as well as the target audience. Create ad copy that not only attracts attention but also transmits your message to the audience and encourages them to act according on your campaign objective.

You may also utilize an appealing video in your email content to make it more appealing. To boost the amount of people who open your emails, use the term video in your subject line as well. 

Yes! According to research conducted by martech advisers in 2017, companies that employed “video” in their subject lines had a 300% higher click-through rate. Is it possible for the greatest email marketing strategy to be any easier?

Schedule Your Emails 

You have all of the components you need to create an email campaign that is powerful enough to produce positive results. It’s time to strategize about when and how often you’ll send these emails now that you have everything you need. 

Consider this professional advice for making money while preparing your emails: According to marketing professionals, a person receives on average 121 emails. So, how can you ensure that your email gets read by the recipients? If you don’t want your advertising email to get lost in the shuffle. 

To improve your email open rate, start by determining when individuals are most likely to read their emails. Don’t worry! You don’t have to guess. Because analyzing email open rates has revealed that the optimum time to send emails is known. 

After they get to work, most people open their email accounts. The majority of users begin their day by signing into their email account at 9-10 a.m., when it’s typically quiet throughout lunchtime at 1 p.m. You may schedule your emails in advance to improve your inbox opening rate by following this timetable. 

Measure The Results

After that, go back to your email marketing program and check the reports to see if there are any conversion rates, email opening rates, or other important data. You may also A/B test various variables to see which ones perform well for your company’s objective. And make use of the winner to propel you forward.

If you’ve ever researched email marketing, then it’s likely that you’ve come across HubSpot reports. HubSpot customers receive open rates that are 2.5 times higher than other email service providers. And their click-through rates increase by 3 times!

If your company doesn’t work with HubSpot but has plans to do so in the future, then you should be aware that HubSpot user
s have a 60% higher email open rate. Additionally, they have a 35% lower unsubscribe rate than the industry’s average.

What makes these remarkable numbers possible is that HubSpot has been able to add more intelligence to their emails with AI because of three components: dynamic content, workflows, and landing pages. With these, the email tools that HubSpot offers can be used to create personalized and automated emails without having to develop them from scratch.


Email marketing, on the other hand, appears to be defenseless. However, according to a poll, 62 percent of people report reacting to promotional emails by taking action. On social media, only 12.5% of respondents pressed the call-to-action button.

So, despite the fact that email marketing is becoming increasingly more beneficial to businesses in terms of increasing sales, acquiring new consumers, and retaining them, it isn’t dead. Now that you understand how to do email marketing for your business, you can put these ideas into action for further expansion. Detailed instructions on how to do email marketing have been provided.

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